Which H11 bulbs are the brightest? Top 7 best car lamps

Your safety directly depends on the lighting: how other drivers will see your car and how you see the road and obstacles on it. Good light is much cheaper than life, so many motorists approach it with great care. One of the most popular types of cap is H11, and such lamps will be discussed.

I went through a huge number of forums and sites on automotive lighting. Including a lot of logbooks on drive2 and put together a small selection of the brightest lamps under the h11 base.

Choose a manufacturer

It is no secret that manufacturers who value their reputation will not “let words go” and blatantly lie about the characteristics of their product. Consider the companies that have established themselves in the market and which you should primarily focus on when buying:


The company has existed for over 100 years and is engaged in the production of not only lighting for cars. The lamps of this company are made of quartz glass, which makes them resistant to damage when driving on the road.


Another giant in the field of lighting technology, which competes with many well-known brands. It has been on the market for a little less than 100 years. All lamps comply with international quality standards. In the lineup there are also non-standard solutions. A large number of European manufacturers choose this particular company.


A very well-known company among motorists. Many owners prefer it to her. Like previous companies, more than 100 Koito customers are pleased with their unique characteristics and consistently high quality on the Koito market. They produce some of the best H11 lamps.

General electric

The oldest of the firms in question. High quality at an affordable price.

Clear light

The market in our country is relatively recent (since 2013). The company surprises customers with low prices and high German quality. This company refused to thin the filament, in favor of high durability and wear resistance.

Which H11 bulbs are better

According to the results of tests of automotive lamps with a base H11, the following models were the best.  Visit this link to gain more ideas: best h11 LED bulb

Philips H11 24V-70W MasterLife

• High service life: four times longer than analogues;
• high brightness of light;
• nice price (about 17 cu for 1 pc).

• Low light temperature (3100K) due to which the light will be yellowish, which is not very pleasant for the eyes;
• short warranty period.

MTF-Light Vanadium H11
• Color temperature 5000K, due to which the light is a pleasant white shade without yellow;
• high quality, long service life;
• cost (approximately 17 cu for 1 piece).

• Like the previous option - a low warranty period.

ClearLight H11 Lum 2800

• Work in both high and low beam;
• there are two modifications: 24 and 30 watts;
• low power consumption; • high mechanical stability;
• very high service life (more than 30000h);
• minimum delay on / off.

• According to the test results of these LED lamps with a H11 base, they normally show themselves only in headlights with lenses.

Philips Bluevision ultra H11

• Can be used as fog, dipped beam, high beam;
• daylight effect;
• quartz glass provides high mechanical resistance. Philips X-Treme Ultinon LED Benefits:
• Luminous flux of 840 lumens;
• light temperature at 6000K;
• declared service life of 12 years ;
• low heat; • versatility and ease of installation.

• Extremely high cost (150 per pair). Pays off due to the high term of operation;
• problems when used in high humidity conditions.